When your old clothes are sent to landfills they create toxic greenhouse gases, by recycling or up-cycling your old T-Shirts, clothes etc – you not only save yourself money and learn a fun new fun skill – you are also helping to reduce your contribution to climate change!

Why should I re-use my old clothes?

Reusing the fabric in old clothes means less resources, both monetary and environmental, are wasted in growing fiber for new ones.

In the past few years, most of the London boroughs have upped their game when it comes to recycling general house hold waste – paper/cardboard, food waste, plastics and glass – we are now all trained on the “which bin” tactics of every day life…. But what about our clothes?

Whilst you could donate your old clothes to a charity shop or one of the many clothes collections/recycling companies available – there’s also another way to make them of use.

We often do not realise the powerful effect that something as simple as recycling or reusing our clothes can have.

The Aunty Shan wants to share her passion for reusing old clothes to make something new, whether it be turning old T-shirts and fabric into yarn, customising that old t-shirt into something special, making cushions or more fun crafts, and so much more – simply using that old t-shirt you’ve not thrown out yet!

There is so much you can do with your old clothes – lets get creative together!!

A few of the workshops available coming soon…

  • Cutting an old T-Shirt into yarn for crochet or knitting
  • Learn how to transform that old hen party T-Shirt into a memory cushion
  • Simple modifying and customising stitches
  • Simple embroidery stitches to brighten up an old T-Shirt
  • Rag rugs
  • T-Shirt painting 
  • Learn some magic customising tricks without a needle and thread